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Apartment for Sale Varazze - Via Nuova Cantalupo, 15D

: Varazze

Ref. L-VAD326

"Nido di rondine" is the Apartment for Sale in Varazze that we offer in a dominant and quiet area, with an open view of the sea.

From the sea we walk 600 meters to get here.

Upon entering this house for Sale in Varazze, the light, which accompanies us in all environments, creates a relaxing atmosphere, where the pleasure of living in the home spontaneously arises.

Opening the door of the house, the entrance welcomes us to accompany us into the living room, where two French windows open, which like two eyes widen on the view ..... there the gaze sweeps over the thousand colors of the sea and the green hills.

It will be pleasant to enjoy the peace and the landscape stopping on the large balcony.

As in a call, we return to the house and meet the kitchen, which, positioned in the spacious corner of the living room, invites us to prepare tasty food.

The dynamism created between the living area and the kitchen is pleasant, separated by a play of internal walls and windows that delimit without weighing down and on the contrary, characterize the environment making it interesting.

The bathroom area, with windows and shower, is well organized and immediately suggests the pleasant sensation that we will try to be transported to relaxation by the hot water, which as it falls will embrace us with its ticking.

What about the bedroom .. with a bedspread that recalls the colors of the sea and the French window that allows us to look at it from the pillow we will be truly pampered and privileged.

Outside, the flowers on the balcony are delightful companions, peeping out with their colors ...

The pantry, the cellar, the garage and the parking space, property accessories, are a really useful and precious addition to the Apartment for Sale in Varazze.

Coming home here is to feel welcomed ... the experience that this Apartment gives us is really that of a swallow's nest, perfectly positioned to wander with the gaze on the sea that sparkles under the rays of the sun.

For more information on this Apartment for Sale in Varazze, contact Immobiliare Cingolani Daniela (Tel 019 4509025 - Cell 347 0012531), we are open every day (rest on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons)

: E EP glnr: 91.44 kwh/㎡
€ 280.000
Are you interested in this property? These are some of its features:
---> Totale_mq <---: 65 sq.m
---> camere <---: 1
---> bagni <---: 1
---> Locali <---: 4
---> stato_conservazione <---: Great
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Last update 15/09/2021
Apartment for Sale
Varazze - Via Nuova Cantalupo, 15D
€ 280.000
65 sq.m
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