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The Real Estate Agency Cingolani Daniela is a point of reference in the real estate market since 1999.

The passion and the dedication of its partners, Daniela, Giacomo and Federico guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind to those who entrust their property or their vacation choice to a team that is daily immersed in the heart of the real estate market.

With professionalism and attention to detail, the Real Estate Agency Cingolani Daniela has a capacity to interact in a practical and conclusive way with the parties involved.


The Real Estate Agency Cingolani Daniela has one mission: to be the direct, immediate and reliable key to any type of real estate need. The key to a new house, the key to a leasehold solution and the key to solving bureaucratic, legal and financial aspects tied to the real estate market.

Customer first. The Real Estate Agency Cingolani Daniela focuses all its professional enthusiasm on satisfying every client request individually. Continuous updates in the real estate market, integration of new services, counseling and advice for buying and selling properties, innovations in the organization and elaboration of real estate proposals is the key to a successful, reliable and safe solution of the client’s real estate request.

The Ligurian Riviera has always been a dream destination and since 1999 the Real Estate Agency Cingolani Daniela is the guide that can accompany the tourist or potential buyer on an itinerary that begins with identifying concrete necessities, proceeds with looking at various choices and concludes with reaching a desired solution.




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