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Apartment for Sale Varazze - Via Aurelia di Ponente

: Varazze

Ref. VAD364

"Afrodite" (ref.VAD364) is the exclusive and luxurious Apartment for Sale in Varazze that we offer today.
In the next few lines we will see in detail all the characteristics that make up this divine house.

The site is strategic and full of features that make it absolutely exclusive.
We are located between Varazze and Celle Ligure, precisely at Punta dell'Olmo and, to better understand the preciousness of this place, we must take a small step back and know its origins.

The project was born from the recovery of the spaces occupied by a Bergamo colony, built to host children during the summer holidays.
The complex stands in an inlet on the coast, which bends its cliff creating a reserved and protected area, overlooking the sea, with 70,000 m2 of green park behind it.
An age-old wood whose rustling is still able to reunite man with the rhythm of nature.
At the foot of the complex there is an exclusive beach, which brings with it all the sensations experienced a few meters above.

All of what has just been described has been taken over, refurbished and it is here that a unique living space will arise, unobtainable elsewhere.
In the large spaces available here, areas dedicated to well-being and physical activity will be created, i.e. tennis courts, golf courses, fitness trails, gym, swimming pool, vegetable gardens to be cultivated independently or with assistance; spaces dedicated to family and leisure, such as play areas, BBQ areas, restaurants, billiard room.

Security and privacy come first, both due to the very nature of the site and because access will be controlled and because video surveillance will be present throughout the park.
The connection with the neighboring areas will be very simple and immediate, since two pedestrian and cycle tunnels will connect to Varazze and Celle Ligure.

Now let's get to the heart of owned spaces.
The Apartment is on the second of four floors, with a lift.
Having pushed the entrance door, we savor the quality of the Apartment, with its fine finishes, together with the design of the details.
The feet rest on the light wood parquet, exploring.

The living room is widely illuminated by the sun's rays, which filter through the windows facing south, towards the sea, which seems to be underfoot, as happens on board a sailboat.
Beyond the window, with the thermal break frame sliding, a first terrace surrounds the house, forming an L.
The outdoor space, overlooking the sea, has an incomparable view.

We return to visit the two bedrooms.
The master bedroom is the large privileged one. In fact, natural light filters generously, thanks to the openings, consisting of a window and two French windows.
The latter lead one to the terrace we mentioned earlier and the other to a second terrace, to the north-east, dedicated to relaxation and with a hydromassage.

The second bedroom is located in the center and has an exit to the outdoor space overlooking the sea.
The bathroom has a window, with shower.

The Apartment has provision for the installation of an anti-theft system and is air-conditioned and with independent heat pump heating.

A large pertinent box, located on the ground floor, is included in the request.

The property is sold completely and finely furnished.

A place where you can silence your mind and fully enjoy all that nature has to offer, where you can cultivate quality time with your loved ones, where you can feel free to get excited.
A place to call home.

Request appropriate to the exclusivity of the object.

For more information and to visit this Apartment for Sale in Varazze, contact Immobiliare Cingolani Daniela (Tel. 019 4509025 - Cell. 347 0012531), we are open every day from Monday to Sunday morning (closed on Wednesday).

: A4
€ 1.030.000
Are you interested in this property? These are some of its features:
---> Totale_mq <---: 103 sq.m
---> camere <---: 2
---> bagni <---: 1
---> Locali <---: 3
---> stato_conservazione <---: Restructured
Check the map and discover the features of the area where the property is located:
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Last update 30/05/2023
Apartment for Sale
Varazze - Via Aurelia di Ponente
€ 1.030.000
103 sq.m
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